Powermatic 66 Tablesaws for Sale

The Powermatic 66 is an American classic, and if you ask me, it beats the pants off any other tablesaw. I've owned a Delta Unisaw, a Sawsmith 2000, a Jet 10" cabinet saw, a Ryobi BT3000 and even a Powermatic 64 and a 72, but nothing comes close to the solid and smooth fit, finish and feel of the 66. The link below will take you to current listing of Powermatic 66 saws for sale on eBay. Note that the older 66 was green, then in the late 1980's they switched to a much sexier gold, as seen here. Don't pass on an old "Greenie" table saw though, 'cuz they were very well made.

Click link for Powermatic 66 Tablesaws for Sale

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