Powermatic Bandsaws (band saws) for Sale

Powermatic Bandsaw's have evolved quite a bit since they were purchased by WMH/Tool Group, the parent company of JET Tools. The old band saws were mostly cast bodies, where the new design (shown here) favors the classic Delta Bandsaw. Don't get me wrong, This isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Look for features like a quick tension release, fence, Carter Guides, etc. but keep in mind that these are readily available as aftermarket upgrades.

Open stands are ok, but an enclosed base is usually an indicator of a larger motor. A riser block means the saw can resaw thicker stock, and for the record, a miter gause is just about as useful on a bandsaw as a chicken with a bicycle. (I take that back! That would be cool!)

Click here for Powermatic Bandsaws For Sale

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