Powermatic Drill Press For Sale

Remember what I was saying about how the purchase of Powermatic by WMH/Tool Group changed the bandsaws and planers? It turns out that the WHM versions of the Powermatic drill presses rock!

The old green Powermatic drill presses (I don’t know, that looks like the plural of press to me) seemed to fall into to categories: Open belt antique-style press, or massive, variable speed units that could drill a 12” hole through a slab of solid granite! The new Powermatic models all have nice, large tables, enclosed belts, and an a few cases the old variable speed.

My advice is to buy the biggest press you can afford. I know, there’s nothing exciting about a drill press, but there’s also nothing more frustrating than having your project hit the column with the drill bit 1/4” shy of your mark! Remember that a drill press with an 18” swing will drill to the center of an 18” circle, meaning that you can only squeeze a work piece 9” beyond the bit. Tricky eh?

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